Famous! Fashion Designer in Beverly Hills

Susanna Chung Forest

As a child in South Korea, her dream was that one day she would become a famous fashion designer for celebrities.In 1976, fashion designer Susanna Chung Forest founded a small haute couture fashion house in Beverly Hills, Ca.

Susanna Beverly Hills is renowned for exquisitely tailored custom-made designer women’s clothing including cocktail dresses, black-tie gowns, and mother-of-the-bride suits and dresses. Susanna’s line is characterized by a sense of elegance, grace and style, and her loyal clients include politicians, corporate executives, actresses, business owners, judges, and members of the Fortune 500.

Susanna is so much more than a designer. She is a pioneer, revolutionizing the way women of the world look and feel about themselves. Through her designs she instills confidence that inspires greatness and success.

Jami Lynn

Located in Beverly Hills, JLD is a custom design boutique specializing in wedding dress, boots, veils , and bouquets.

What we love most is making a design connect with the viewer and creating something new that will stand out. All of our design start with you and your vision for your accessories.

Jami Lynn is an fashion artist and designer who combines her passion for , weddings, and design by applying them to a wide range . Jamie started Jamie Lynn Designs to combine her love for creating the first impression that makes every event special.

Caroline Hallak

  1. 1996 was the year where I decided to create a new system of creating a Custom-Made Gown in One Fitting from size 2-24! to fit busy Women schedule…. needs one visit… to try the dress without taking much of her busy schedule. The same system is working very well for long distance customers. With many years of experience and working with all different body types from sizes 2 to 24, women were very happy with the end results.
  2. In year 2000 I started working with women all over the world, I started in Paris, France where I spent the year 2000 enjoying the beautiful scenery and culture while creating unique and high quality dresses for all types of women. In 2008, although I am frequently in Beverly Hills
  3. I enjoy pushing the boundaries in the world of designs and always creating new creation and styles, new evening Gown or Wedding Gown for the dream girl for her dream day including all her wedding party dresses.Exclusive, Original & Quality is what Caroline Hallak* and Style Gala Couture’s design is all about.

Dresses of famous designers

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